2016-04-04 16.14.15If you’ve ever watched the behind the scenes on a major motion picture, you know how much work goes into big movies. But a lot of work goes into crafting you a promotional video as well.

It all begins with an idea, which is turned into a script, and possibly storyboards to depict the shots we’ll film. Then we film the project, which generally takes the least amount of time, as the script is really key if you want to create a message that sticks with the viewer. Finally there’s the editing, which is where the “plastic” nature of video works to your advantage. Often I shoot a lot of crazy stuff because it looks great when put together in editing, and reinforces your message.

In the end we make videos for social media like Instagram and Facebook, and for your website or YouTube. The real reward is seeing people get inspired by YOUR story. What will your story be? Get in touch and let’s talk about it!

Meanwhile, take a look at what one happy customer’s journey entailed over at Modern Seamstress. Her video got a lot of views and since then has helped drive customers to her door. I’d love to make a special video for your crafting business or mobile app.

(The photo is a close up of my primary editing rig, nicknamed Thor — and it reminds me constantly that I need to dust.)