Recently I came across a well-meaning call for help on Facebook. Someone was looking for a videographer to make a promotional video for her business. Happy to help, folks started chiming in with their picks for local talent. As any good business owner should do, I wound up checking out the websites of my “competition.” I found competent videographers who appear to do corporate and wedding videos.

Here’s the thing videographers don’t want you to know: It isn’t that hard to make a promo video. At least, nailing the technical aspects of a video shoot aren’t rocket science. I’ve been on shoots where half the crew was high or at least hungover, and guess what? The video came out fine. Video production is, whether we like it or not, a commodity these days. It’s cheap to make and cheaper than ever to find someone to do the job.

But is the “job” just making a video? Is this a video crafted by a marketing firm who can understand how to sell into your audience? Did you discuss the goals of the video with your hired guns? Did they offer anything other than a “yes!” man mentality?

All too often people make throwaway videos that gain no audience because they were hastily executed in a desire to “post something.” Here’s a real tip: Content marketing is NOT mind barf. You don’t just toss anything on the wall and hope it sticks. Proper content marketing means having a plan and executing that plan with precision and detail.

At Superpixel Studios I have over a decade of content marketing experience. I know what marketing is, and how to construct a plan for you or work within your existing plans to complement them in the best way possible. I am happy to quote you on a “basic” videography package, but I’m much more excited by the idea of partnering with you to craft a message that extends and builds your audience and customer base. Isn’t growing your business the goal? Why not work with someone who has created videos seen by millions, videos that garner sales and donations, rather than someone who has his┬ácamera set to automatic but will bill you as though he was a creative professional.

It’s not just telling your story. It’s telling your story in the best way possible.

Buster Keaton