In the past couple of weeks Superpixel Studios has been BUSY. I’ve been fortunate enough to get some great work making amazing videos that I’ll share in a couple of months. Plus, I’m involved in a few super cool side projects… BUT the really big news is that I’m working with a couple of other awesome people in Knoxville, TN to build out our actual studio.

What’s that mean? It means having a space with a cyclorama and green screen. Having a space for a podcast booth and post-production suite. It also means adding live streaming and high-end audio recording facilities to a venue space. And the venue space is largely acoustic, which means we’ll be running shows a bit like MTV Unplugged, but you’ll be able to watch them anywhere in the world…

But to make this studio a reality I need YOUR help. We’ve started a crowdfunding campaign for what we’re calling Modern Studio. It’s co-working, sewing, retail, venue and production studio all in one box. We think it’s going to be amazing!

Again, even if you can’t help with money, please share our crowdfunding page to anyone who might be interested. Thanks!