I worked at home for 9 years while at AOL, so why would I want to make myself drive to an office every day? Well, I recently started producing podcasts again. I had a friend come over to do the interview and it occurred to me that I couldn’t just have my living room become grand central station. At some point, you outgrow your humble beginnings.

I’m lucky in that I come back to media production after 9 years of producing content that was seen by 3 million people a month. Before that, I taught multimedia production to college kids. And before that I worked on a wide variety of video projects, for online, CD-ROM (remember those?) and broadcast TV. The common thread for most of these projects was “do as much as you can with as little as you’ve got.” Luckily, technology kept giving us better access to better tools, and that “little” bit we had kept getting bigger over time.

Today you don’t need much of a studio to do world-class work. Sure. hundreds of square feet with a huge green screen can make movie magic, but you barely need that for 99% of the work you’ll do. What I needed more than anything was an open space, properly lit and set up for good audio in which to work.

The really cool thing is that with Modern Studio I’ll be able to do just about anything. We’ll be able to record webinars. We’ll be able to livestream concerts. We’ll be able to record audio podcasts, broadcast live competitions, and record events in ways a “big studio” just isn’t capable of easily accommodating. Plus, being small and scrappy means we’re competitive.

Modern Studio shares space with Modern Seamstress, so I don’t have to worry about paying for a studio I’m only using a few hours a week. Instead, those hours are scheduled around performances, sewing classes, co-working time or retail time. It all just fits.

Plus, imagine the synergistic benefits. Someone teaching a class on painting can book the space and hire Superpixel Studios to record their webinar. I can even show them how to set up a website that allows them to monetize their content. Anyone who is making stuff can unlock this passive income stream.

Then there’s the community benefit. I didn’t choose to join Modern Studio solely because I wanted a space to myself. I’m planning on running summer camps for kids to teach media production, and learn from them as well. If I can teach kids how to start their own podcast, I can enable them to tell their own stories and share empathy around the world.

Those are just a few examples of the grand vision of Modern Studio, and how Superpixel Studios fits into the project. I hope you’ll help us fully realize our funding goal and make this a world-class facility on day one.