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The point and format of the show...

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 1:03 am
by admin99
This is a bunch of little segments connected through an "anchor" -- a news desk. It's modeled a bit after G4/Tech TV from about a decade ago. However, the anchor desk is largely game news. We'll have some legit reviews on the show, but the news segments aren't really timely, just funny bits that comment on gamer culture.

The "show" is comprised of numerous segments that are independent of this hub, and act as spokes. The general idea is to give the feeling of a "network for nerds" whilst celebrating the best aspects of nerd culture and lampooning the worst aspects of toxic video game culture (more on this elsewhere).

In the end, we're going to make 60 minutes of "show." That's about 20 segments each 3 minutes a piece. We have NO set format, however -- so a bit could be seconds, or last a while. The idea is to make it entertaining, and hopefully thought-provoking or layered.

Right now I'm planning on 3 teams, you can be on any or all of them, depending on what you're interested in and your availability.
Maker team: Making props, puppets, sets, etc.
Performance team: Doing voice work, puppeteering
Production team: Making videos (we'll be doing some on location shooting and I'll need help with that)